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A48 WatchFace for Android Wear

1.06 usd

Custom watch face for Android Wear (Square Watch and Round Watch like HUAWEI Watch/LG Watch Urbane / Moto 360 2nd generation )Features- awesome designer's full function watch face for you.- show wear's battery level (0%-100%)- show phone's battery level (0%-100%)
- show pedometer of today and yesterday step counts of the day total ellapsed walking/running time of the day
- show realtime Heart Rate (BPM:Beats per Minutes)
- show weather forecast weather forecast information from now to future three hours weather of tomorrow
- show moon phase
- 7 LED Colors for Interactive Mode (Color drawing mode)- 7 Drawing Colors for Ambient Mode (Color filter)
More watch faces- Visit our exclusive watchface collection for Android Wear on the Play Store
Please check before purchase:Target Devices x Features[Square Style]・Gear LiveHeart Rate Measurement / Pedometer Recording both are available
・G WatchPedometer Recording is available.Heart Rate Measurement isn't available .
・Zen WatchHeart Rate Measurement / Pedometer Recording both are available
・SmartWatch3Pedometer Recording is available.Heart Rate Measurement isn't available .
[Round Style]・Moto 360Heart Rate Measurement / Pedometer Recording both are available
・G Watch RHeart Rate Measurement / Pedometer Recording both are available
How to change SETTINGS- Tap 'Android Wear' icon to wake up the app on your phone.- You can find this WatchFace's icon on there.- Tap this WatchFace's icon and you can wake up the setting screen of this.
You can find A48 preview icon on 'Android Wear' app's WatchFaces list.After tapping the icon,you can change settings of A48 from the Android Wear app.
weather- show temperature (°F or °C)- show wind speed- show wind direction- show humidity (0%-100%)- show atmospheric pressure(aka barometer) (inch HG or hPa)
Sunrise and Sunset event monitor- show the time of sunrise and sunset- show countdown for sunrise and sunset When daytime, count down for sunset When night, count down for sunrise
Moon phase graph- show current moon phase
For Android 6.0(and higher) phone usersNeed to do following setup procedure after installation.
InstallationIt will be installed on your watch automatically from your phone paired with your watch after a short time and please wait.After installation,you can choose the watch face from the setting menu.Or just long tap on the current watch face screen,so watch face selector screen will open.
Weather Feature
Option to set your location- Automatically set your location by using location provider.(Low battery consumption)- You can set your location manually.(No battery consumption)
Needs PERMISSIONSIt needs following permissions.- INTERNET (Download weather information)- FINE_LOCATION (Specify your location automatically)- BODY_SENSOR (use StepCounter sensor and HeartRate sensor)
Please Note* WATCHFACE MAKES NO GUARANTEE OF VALIDITY OF WEATHER.* Please note that technical specifications are subject to change without notice.
Settings:Support Black-and-White mode's color change- You can select Black-and-White mode color from among seven colors.Select 'Color filter at the time of the Black-and-White mode' on the setup screen.
Settings:Digits color(Non Black-and-White mode)- You can select digits color from among three colors.
Settings:Temperature Unit- °F (Fahrenheit)- °C (Celsius)
Settings:Heart Rate Measurement IntervalYou can select the interval time of measuring your heart rate
Settings:Heart Rate Measurement on InvisibleYou can select heart rate measurement on invisible state.- Enabled- Disabled (Default)
Please note- If you don't like this model please cancel your order in 15 minutes. And try another watch face.